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NORTHPHILLYBILLIESis the story of Mya Williams-Hoyt a successful attorney who lives in Beverly Hills. It’s also the story of Bessie Davis, a single mother who is determined not to lose her children to the mean streets of North Philly.

But while she’s taking on North Philly real battles are brewing in her own home. See how these two women's past, present and future is intertwined in this inspirational stage play. WINNER OF THE 2014 "BENEVOLENCE AWARD"

THE LAST TEMPTATION Gideon is an ex-con who has been in and out of prison most of his life. Now that he has been released, he vows to change his life and does, until his past finds him and threatens to expose the secret that's been hidden for over 20 years. A secret that would destroy Gideon, his family and everything they have built. Or will it?

RUMORS. Grandma overhears the tail end of a conversation which leads her and her cohorts into a zany adventure and they find out just what happens when you spread and listen to rumors. This Inspirational Comedy is guaranteed to have you falling out of your seats!

ME & MR. WRONG The first time Tamara saw Micah he was waiting to go on stage at 24 Comedy Club. He was tall, dark and ever so handsome. His attire was flawless. His dazzling smile caught her attention and his hazel eyes lit up the room but the sadness in them told another story. The man who brought laughter to the world was crying inside and she thought she could "fix" him.

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