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While other eight-year-old girls were playing with Barbie dolls and braiding hair, Connie Drummond was writing. What started as a passion for the arts after a small role in a school play has now catapulted her to

an award-winning playwright, producer, director and actress. As a recipient of the 2014 Benevolent

Playwright Award, and as a 2015 nominee for the NAACP Image Awards Hometown Champion recognition, Drummond’s work does more than speak for itself—it serves as building blocks to her future.

But in the words of the late Maya Angelou, life for Drummond “ain’t been no crystal stair.”

While honing her craft through Evelyn Graves Drama Productions as a set designer, costume designer and backdrop artist, Drummond’s life suddenly came to a screeching halt. After enduring a mentally abusive marriage, she decided that this wasn’t just the end for her marriage—it was the end of her writing career.

She didn’t pick up her pen again until five years later.

Shortly after relocation, she found the peace, creativity and imagination to write again. But this time, she let life dictate the development of her stories and productions. She joined Creative Touch Productions, serving as a set designer, costume director and marketing consultant. During this time, Drummond also perfected her skills as an actress, appearing in multiple roles for various affiliated production companies. In January of 2010, she decided to monopolize on her gifts and talents by founding Lady C Productions. This cultural arts entertainment company gives independent artists an opportunity to showcase and perfect their talents in drama, song, comedy, spoken word and visual arts.

Since the inception of Lady C Productions, Drummond has written and produced several stage plays,
many of which she has been afforded the opportunity to present across the United States. Her stage play, NorthPhillyBillies, highlights life for one woman growing up in North Philadelphia and received the Peach Award. Drummond received the 2014 Benevolent Playwright Award, which is given for promoting community activism through theater, in Nassau, Bahamas. In that same space, she was honored to present the Renaissance Award to veteran actress, Ella Joyce, who is best known for her role in the TV sitcom, Roc

As a faithful member of Urban Playwrights United (UPU), she strives to give back to her community by partnering with organizations such as the Wilton Civic Alliance, Big Brother/Big Sisters of Delaware,

The NAACP, Theatrical Delights Youth Theater Group and more.

Her latest accomplishment is the opening of ArtzScape, an Award Winning Black Box Theater and Event

Venue in the prestigious neighborhood of LOMA, Wilmington's creative district. Through ArtzScape Drummond has been able to offer other independent artists the opportunity to produce their work at reasonable prices. She also uplifts, empowers and mentors artists from all areas of the entertainment industry. Every morning that she wakes up, her mission is clear: Carpe' Diem—to seize the day!

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