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   Competition is open to all participants including but not limited to actors, comedians, singers or spoken word artists.

   All participants must register online.  Registration Fee is $5.00.

 Monologues must be no longer than two (2) minutes in length. In your first round, you will be stopped if your time exceeds 2 minutes and 20 seconds. (That means there is a 20 second grace period for your first round.) However, if you are forwarded to the finals, you will be disqualified if you are over 2 minutes with no grace period offered.

 All monologues, whether dramatic or comedic must be original or come from plays. Scripts from television, film, and/or original plays are disallowed.

 Participants are asked to include a short introduction and conclusion to their piece. These are not included in the two-minute time-frame allotted. Time will not begin until the participant speaks the first word of the monologue or begins an action in character.
                                                                    Winner received cash prize at the end of the  competition.

Artist Registration
Artist Registration
Price: $5.00
General AdmissionTicket
General Admission Ticket
Price: $10.00


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